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Hi! We are Ashleigh and Alisha, the duo behind Rainbow Sky Creations. Let us tell you a little bit about us.
Ashleigh and Alisha from Rainbow Sky Creations.jpg
  • We met teaching at an International School in Dubai, UAE.

  • Ashleigh lives in Sydney, NSW & Alisha lives in Perth, WA

  • Ashleigh is the 'Type A' organised one, while Alisha is the 'Type B' who has too many unfinished projects on the go. 

  • We both love a good book, a great cup of coffee and any excuse to dip our toes in the ocean.

  • We are mamas—Ashleigh to Monte, Elka and Quincey and Alisha to Lena.

  • Alisha is our in house clip artist/web designer & Ashleigh is our resident blogger.

  • We are guilty of purchasing way too much stationery - the more colourful, the better

  • We are super passionate about supporting and empowering new teachers.

  • We aim to create resources for teachers that are simple, engaging and hands-on.​

  • We can't wait to get to know you!

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