24 Ideas for your Class ‘Elf on the Shelf’

Updated: 4 days ago


Is anyone else Christmas obsessed? When it comes to the classroom, we love getting all festive because there is no one more willing to join in on the excitement more than kids!

In saying that, Christmas time can be a little hectic, just like school, so we are here to make your teacher life easier. Without further ado, we would like to share with you 20 different ideas for your class Elf on the Shelf.

Before we start, COVID times might call for a quarantine period! This is a cute idea to get your kiddos excited for the Elf adventures to begin!


20 Ideas for your class Elf on the Shelf

Print this list, tick it off as you go, and rest easy knowing that we have done all the creative thinking for you!

1. On your teacher computer/desk

2. Sitting at a student desk (with all their belongings out)

3. Get Elf to kick start your Kindness at Christmas campaign by leaving your class kind messages. Find free templates for the Kindness Kris Kringle here.

4. Pinned to one of your display boards


5. Writing a message on the board for the class

6. Introducing a class Kindness Advent Calendar

7. Hiding in your class library

8. Pretend Elf has written a naughty and nice list on the board (under nice, list your students’ names and under the naughty list write some of the teachers)


9. Ask someone in the office or another teacher to deliver your elf during the day saying he/she was trying to escape

10. Making something from manipulatives (e.g. playdough, MAB, coloured rice, counters)


11. Sitting with a cute message to be kind to their teacher

12. Pretending to mark books

13. Pictures of Elf stuck all over the room

14. Pretending to have brought back a snowman from the North Pole

15. Having an ‘Elfie’ displayed on your projector/screen/smartboard/class iPads (you can follow up with your students making their own Elfie Selfie – get your free template here)


16. Doing a fun activity that you have planned for the day

17. Set up with a security guard so he/she behaves


18. Set Elf up with a Crack the Code mystery for your students to complete (we have a free one for you here)

19. Hiding in one of your student’s trays or a storage box

20. Hidden inside your class sharpener

Elf in a sharpener
Photo credit @misslearningbee