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6 Ways to Immerse your Students in NAIDOC Week Celebrations

Updated: May 18, 2021

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NAIDOC Week is an Australian event held during the first full week of July each year. It is about celebrating the history, culture, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.

In our opinion, NAIDOC Week is an event not to be missed in your classroom because I focuses on the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community from a perspective of celebration.

It is a prime opportunity for you to set up engaging activities to immerse your students in learning more about First Nations People and the contributions they have made to our Australian community.

NAIDOC Week Hand Classroom Display

To help you prepare and plan, this post outlines some of our favourite lessons to teach during NAIDOC Week. We also encourage you to first and foremost, engage with Indigenous members from your local community that can educate you and your students about the country you are living on.

Some alternative NAIDOC Week activities to engage students include:

  • Make the Aboriginal Flag or Torres Strait Islander Flag, ask students (depending on the age group you are teaching) to research the meaning of the colours and creator of the flag.

Learning about the Aboriginal Flag

  • Try painting rocks, they look so eye-catching. Use your rocks to create a display in the school library with some books written by First Nations authors or create a garden in your classroom dedicated to NAIDOC Week.

Paint Rocks with your students

  • Choose an area of your classroom that is dedicated to NAIDOC Week. Fill it with Indigenous stories, artefacts, symbols, and traditional artworks. Encourage students to ask questions. Invite students to add to your dedicated space or set up activities for students to choose which investigate NAIDOC Week (it is also an ideal place to send fast finishers during July!)

  • Invite an Indigenous member of the community to visit your class (this can be easily done using technology these days too!) Many State and National Parks offer services like this for little or no cost. Collaborating with members of the community is an authentic way to embed Indigenous perspectives in your classroom.

Hand activity about respect

  • Each day, read a different book written by a First Nations author. Magabala Books is a great place to start to find picture books for primary school students.

Our Home, Our Heartbeat book and matching task

Decorative page break

NAIDOC Week is an important event on the Australian calendar, but it is also important to implement lessons about our First Nations throughout the year and beyond NAIDOC Week.

How do you celebrate NAIDOC Week in your primary classroom? We would love to hear any ideas you would like to share with our community.

Looking for ready-to-print NAIDOC Week resources? Check out these below:

NAIDOC Week Activities for Kindergarten

NAIDOC Week Activities for Grades 1-2

NAIDOC Week Activities for Grades 3-4

NAIDOC Week Activities for Grades 5-6

Our Home, Our Heartbeat Activities

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