3 ways to Promote Kindness in the Classroom this Christmas

Kindness is king! It is something as primary school teachers that we teach, promote and encourage in the students in our classroom. Throughout the year, we often dedicate lessons, morning meetings, class discussions and special days to teaching our students all about the art of kindness. Why not extend this to Christmas time?

Christmas is a time of giving. Kindness is a wonderful way to give to others without costing a dime. We have put together 3 helpful and simple ideas outlining how you can promote Christmas kindness in the classroom (plus a freebie, so keep on reading!)

1. Daily Reminders

Setup daily reminders about Kindness in your classroom. You could pin a note that describes a way to be kind to others on your class Christmas tree, display a ‘kind message of the day’ on your board or have individual reminders at student’s desks, like these Christmas themed Kindness Desk tags. Keep kindness in the forefront of your student’s minds with daily reminders.

2. Kind Kris Kringle

Traditionally, Kris Kringle is a small gift exchange where each student chooses a name from a hat and then provides little treats or gifts for their chosen person. Instead, of treating their Kris Kringle in traditional ways, students need to focus on random acts of kindness for their Kris Kringle. As your Kindness Kris Kringle continues, students will be more likely to start noticing each other’s acts of kindness more. We have put together this freebie where students can record the acts of kindness they are seeing or experiencing.

3. Dedicate a Lesson

In the lead up to Christmas, dedicate one lesson to kindness. Discuss as a class how random acts of kindness impact others. Focus student’s attention back to the real Spirit of Christmas, away from consumerism and receiving gifts. This is a lesson we created that can help support your class discussions or use as a mini project for students to complete. It would also be a fantastic introduction to our Kindness Kris Kringle.

Christmas is the perfect time to explore and reflect upon how our students can contribute to the world by being kind. And best of all, during the most expensive time of year, kindness is FREE!

Grab a copy of the Kind Kris Kringle Freebie here.

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