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Our A-Z of Teaching

For a little bit of a laugh we put together our A-Z version of teaching.

A is for Answering questions from kids that are completely off topic

B is for Being all the things little humans need

C is for Classroom chaos

D is for Desperately needing coffee

E is for Exhausting all the different ways to teach one strategy

F is for Friday afternoon fatigue

G is for Google always knows the answer

H is for Help! My blood sugar levels are crashing. Where’s my secret chocolate stash?

I is for In denial, it’s only Tuesday

J is for Juggling a 100 things on the to-do list

K is for Killing a rainforest with all the paper photocopying

L is for Laminating, laminating, laminating

M is for Multi-tasking is a necessity

N is for No plan but managing to teach the best lesson of the year

O is for Organisation. Master it, if you can!

P is for Patience, oh the patience you will need

Q is for Quickly inhaling lunch

R is for Recess duty in winter sucks!

S is for Strong bladders

T is for Teacher tired after a field trip

U is for Uncontrollable urges to say what you’re really thinking

V is for Victory dance when the kids nail a concept

W is for Worksheets for the win

X is for Xylophones and recorders should be played in soundproof music rooms

Y is for Yes, we like teaching because of the holidays every 10 weeks. 😜

Z is for Zookeeper! We feel like one when it’s a full moon!

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