5 Resources Every Organised Teacher Needs

Want to be more organised in your teacher life? We are here to help!!

In our opinion, an organised teacher is a happy teacher. Don’t we all want to be a teacher that is less stressed and ready to take on all the things that are thrown at us during any given day?

We have been thinking a lot lately about how to gain a level of healthy and balanced organisation to make teacher life more manageable. Systems and routines definitely help in staying organised. But sometimes we also need tools to help us.

Here are our top 5 resources that every teacher needs to help them stay organised:

1. A To-Do list to suit your style

You might like to have a list with all your reoccurring weekly tasks written down, an app on your smartphone or perhaps you are a sticky note gal. We all have different ‘To-do list’ preferences, but what we all have in common is lots of things to do and remember. Find your style and save some precious brain power by getting anything you need to do out of your head and onto the list.

2. A teacher planner / Daily workpad

A planner is your place to record what you want to teach each day but also a way to keep track of school events, deadlines, and meetings. Every organised teacher has a planner and uses it to stay on top of everything expected of teachers these days.

3. Assessment / Databook

Trust us, if you set up a central place for data and record it as you go, you will be high fiving yourself when it comes to report writing time. Every organised teacher has a central place to record data (and does it consistently).

4. Professional Development Diary

With the Teacher Standards being implemented for all teachers across Australia, it is essential to keep track of your professional development and log it to make up your required professional development hours. A PD diary is used to keep notes, as well as have one spot to record how the PD links to the standards. Making the information easy to locate and refer to later down the track (it also helps with minimising the random papers flying around your desk as well).

5. A storage system

You might be a paper person and need a filing system that keeps track of notes, resources, and information. If you are a digital person, you need an online storage system to keep yourself organised too. It doesn’t matter if you like paper or are digital, make sure your systems have labels and are in a logical order to help you locate things you need quickly. Creating a colour coding system with colour folders or files can make this process easier.

Being more organised is teacher necessity. By using some of these helpful resources alongside some systems and routines, you will ultimately feel less overwhelmed and gain yourself more time for self-care and to do the things you love outside the classroom.

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