6 Things we want New Teachers to Know

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

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Navigating the first years as a teacher can be challenging. If that is you at this point in your career, we see you and hear you!

But we also want to know you aren’t alone out there. That is why we dedicate so much time and space here at Rainbow Sky Creations, focusing on teachers at the beginning of their career.

Teaching is an amazingly fulfilling vocation. We want you to feel that from the get-go! Stick with us and we will work through it all together!

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Let’s start the discussion by talking about 6 things we want YOU to know as a new teacher on the block:

1. Your energy is your superpower

One thing you have over all those experienced teachers who have been in the game for years is your enthusiasm, your energy, your fresh ideas! Use this to your advantage. The students in your care are lucky to have someone who is ready to bring such high energy to their learning. What you may lack in hours on the job, you make up for in your excitement and freshness!

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2. Teaching is a marathon

The learning curve of teaching is a marathon, not a sprint. It is sometimes really easy to wish you had it all together right away but it doesn’t work like that. Build your foundations first. Then just add one new thing at a time. You have a long time in the game and you don’t want to burn out trying to achieve the impossible.

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3. Good learners make mistakes

We say things like this to our students all the time but it is true of ourselves too. You will make mistakes along the way. You are only human. It is okay to make mistakes. Learn from them and move on. Beating yourself up over a mistake isn’t going to make you any better of a teacher - TRUTH!

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4. Whatever you feel is OKAY

It is okay to be nervous, worried, anxious or scared as well as a plethora of other feelings. The day we were left in charge of 30 little humans all on our own was a feeling we will never forget. However you are feeling (both positive or negative) - it is okay to feel that way! Acknowledging your feelings is one way you can take care of yourself, and self-care is something you are going to need to become familiar with as a teacher.

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5. Trust yourself

You decided to become a teacher for a reason, and it may be early or later in your life. You bring an abundance of world knowledge, life experiences, and an arsenal of current teaching skills to your class of students. There will be many times you have to make on the spot decisions. Trust yourself and walk in confident!

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6. There is support to help you

You are NEVER alone on this journey. Asking and accepting help is a great thing, in fact it will help you become a better teacher. Help can come in many different forms (pick and choose what you are comfortable with and what suits your situation best):

And while we are on this topic, we are always here to help too! We are only an email or DM away!

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At the end of the day remember you will be an asset to your colleagues and students. You are prepared, qualified, and ready!

We believe in YOU!

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Where to go for more HELP:

Check out our New Teacher Blog posts here

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New Teacher FREEBIE

and the most exciting resource of all...



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  • A resource made especially for new teachers to save you tears, time and a whole load of energy.

  • Feeling supported and inspired by a community of innovative new educators around you, guided by mentors with years of experience, always knowing you could get help when you need it.

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