Easy Book Week Costumes for Teachers

Updated: Sep 4

Book Week is almost upon us, and whether you enjoy dressing up or not, it is an excellent opportunity to connect with your inner ‘kid’, be a little silly and have some fun with your students. After all, Book Week is all about celebrating reading, which is one of our shared goals as teachers!

To help you get into the fun, without all the thinking and worrying about costumes, we have put together a list of some awesome (but easy) book week costume ideas for teachers. We have tried to make it as straightforward as possible and included links to videos, websites or stores where you can purchase or locate specific items (Note: none of these items are sponsored or endorsed in any way).

Individual Costume Ideas:

  • The Rainbow Fish

This is such a gorgeous costume idea and doesn’t need to be super complicated when putting it together (find a simple video of how to make it here).

We love how @yearthreeshenanigans even matched her makeup to take her costume to the next level!

  • Pig the Pug

What child doesn’t love Aaron Blabey’s ‘Pig the Pug’ series? This costume is fun but so easy! The mask pictured is actually from Kmart, however, if you can no longer find it there are also other printable options like this one on Etsy. @learnlovegrow we think your Pig costume is awesome!

  • Thelma the Unicorn

This is another great Aaron Blabey book that is ideal for book week (can you tell we are massive fans). Pair a tutu (you can find them in most bargain stores or online at the Base Warehouse) with something pink and add a unicorn horn on your head. You can create a horn with a headband and card or use a silver party hat!

  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This picture book also lends itself to a team dress up idea if everyone takes on a piece of food the caterpillar eats on his journey. Here are 2 easy ways to recreate the caterpillar:

Purchase an oversized green t-shirt and paint stripes on it using a lighter green paint. The hat can be made from a kids red beanie and all the features are simply cardboard stuck on with super glue (this is a pic of Ashleigh a few moons ago!)

Here is an even easier option, using just card. Simply use a dinner plate to trace your green circles and put them together. In this picture, the head is made of a red plastic picnic plate, but it could easily be created with red card as well!

  • The Paper Bag Princess

Grab yourself a roll of brown wrapping paper, cut off a piece almost double your size, snip a hole in the middle for your head and voila! All you need to do from here is accessorise with a crown and you are done. This could definitely be a night before throw together!

  • Olivia

We love how this clever teacher (an old grade partner of ours!) has teamed red and white stripes with a red tutu to create her Olivia costume. She has even gone all out and sprayed her hair red! You could totally use this outfit one year and recycle it for a ‘Where’s Wally’ look the next!

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Perfect if you teach older grades and so simple (you could organise it the night before!) All you need for Wimpy Kid success is to dress in black and white (add a backpack if you are keen) and print off a wimpy kid mask. Find a copy of a free printable here.

  • A Golden Ticket (from Charlie and the Chocolate Family)

Again, this idea could easily be adapted for a team costume idea with others dressing up as Willy Wonka, Oomph Loompas and/or Augustus Gloop!

@little_learners_big_ideas has recycled a cardboard box to create her golden ticket. You could even add some glitter if you don’t mind cleaning up glitter for weeks, possibly months after the event!

  • Macca the Alpaca

Another idea that can be organised at the last minute. Wear white, grab yourself some Maraccas from the music room and find everything else you need on Matt Cosgrove’s site for free!

  • Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

A great book that your students will surely recognise. Dress in blue and create this mask using a paper plate, some blue paint and coloured paper! If your team wanted to work together, you could attend book week as a flock of pigeons.