Eliminating Stress from Teacher Life

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Teacher life is crazy at the best of times, and it is hard to explain to those ‘non-teachers’ in your life what it is like and why it causes you so much stress.

From L to R: Sommer, Ceri, Alisha, Ashleigh, Tam, Jo, Chantelle, Cath and Shez

Entering the classroom with a million things on your mind and feeling frazzled isn’t good for you or the students in your care. But how can we make 'teacher life' less hectic when all the expectations remain the same?

We set out to find out more by asking some experienced teachers what they do to take the stress out of their day. We asked them to share what they do to make their teacher life easier, what they have stopped doing and what they have successfully let go of. We hope you find some of these ideas helpful.

I made my teacher life easier when I stopped checking emails at home every night and would not put my emails on my phone!! Instead, I set aside ‘admin’ time in my day to check emails and attend to them because there is nothing worse than having no barrier between work and home, especially if the emails are negative.

Sommer from @stayclassyclassrooms

My little tip is to GO HOME! Set yourself a time limit each night and stick to it. A teacher’s job is never-ending and the work is always going to be there regardless of how long you stay back!

Chantelle from @missjacobslittlelearners

Finally, another handy exercise is to do a stocktake of all the small tasks you are doing each day. Sometimes we continue to add to our list, and we don't realise how much we are actually undertaking. By doing a quick 'stocktake', it will help you cut out anything you don't need to do, and create a routine and schedule for those daily and weekly tasks.

As teachers, we often fall victim to trying to do everything! If you can, take on one (or more) of these tips and see if they make a difference to you.

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