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It is true, I love writing Reports

Why i love writing reports title

Report writing season is upon us, and I have an unpopular opinion… I like writing reports! For many teachers, this may sound CRAZY. Why would I actually enjoy this laborious task?

Well, the reason is twofold:

1. It allows me to celebrate the progression my students and I have made together and the goals achieved

2. I have created systems to make the process smooth and easy.

Ok, I know now you are wondering what are these ‘systems’, and how can they help me?

RSC Report Companion

We love helping teachers here at Rainbow Sky Creations, so we have documented all our best tips and tricks for getting report cards written and handed in on time.

Start here on our blog:

Report blog series infographic

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If you are looking for even more shortcuts...

Skip the blog posts above and go straight to our Report Companion. It has everything you need to step up your system and finish your reports in no time.

It includes time-saving tips, comment examples and formulas, strategies, grammar suggestions, sentence starters, word banks, and more!

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Before you go, here is a bonus motivation tip:

Have you read Atomic Habits by James Clear? He talks about many great things, but this one simple little tip might be a game changer when it comes to report writing motivation!

Atomic habits book with report progress sheet

A tricky part about writing reports is seeing the fruits of your labour BUT the most effective form of motivation is PROGRESS!

So why not track your progress to see how all the little steps you are taking are coming together to make a big difference...

1. Sit a jar next to your computer.

2. Every time you complete a comment or input a data set, add something to your jar (it could be Pom poms like in our pic, marbles, counters etc)

3. This little ritual is going to be the visual proof of the progress you are making, therefore adding to your motivation! Why not treat yourself to a reward once you fill it to the top!

Give yourself the positive reinforcement you need to get them done!

Wishing you all the luck and positive vibes during this report writing season!

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