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New Teacher FREEBIE Hub

Freebies for beginning teachers RSC

Our mission here at Rainbow Sky Creations is to empower new teachers.

We remember what it was like during those first few years and we want you to know that you are not alone! Keep reading for the freebies…

Our story - Ashleigh and Alisha

Because we love supporting new teachers, we have created some freebies designed to support and guide you through your first years in the classroom (we know it is so hard to explain teacher life to those that haven’t been there before).

Grab what you feel will be helpful and bookmark this page so you can come back again when you need to. Also make sure you are following us on Instagram and TikTok, we are ALWAYS sharing new teacher tips that we have learned over the years.

Freebie 1: Yay, I’m a teacher… Now what do I do?

It is so exciting getting your first job, but then the reality hits… what next? Am I out of my depth? Who is going to help me?

This freebie is a workbook that pages of tips, tricks and checklists to get you started in the teaching world!

Yay I'm a teacher freebie

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Freebie 2: Take our quiz

Take a free quiz to find out which stage you are at on your New Teacher journey.

You’ll get a super handy free resource and the next steps to help you figure out your next phase, next move, next evolution when it comes to teaching.

New teacher free quiz RSC

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Freebie 3: Surviving your First Years

This guide is best for when you begin your teaching job. It includes:

⭐️ Steps to rock your first years in the classroom

⭐️ A Term Planning checklist

⭐️ Activity suggestions for the first day back after holidays

⭐️ Accreditation info and...

⭐️ Our famous teacher ‘To Do’ list template!

Surviving your first years freebie RSC

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Freebie 4: 8 Tips to run Reading Groups effectively

One concern we hear from new teachers year in, year out is they are stuck on how to set up and run their reading groups. Running reading groups in a class full of eager and active little people isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Learn our 8 tips for efficiently running reading groups by grabbing this freebie.

Reading group tips freebie RSC

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Freebie 5: Advice from teachers that have been there before

Hindsight really can be insightful, but time travel is currently impossible. So, that is why we spoke to the experienced teachers in our community. We asked them one simple question: What do you wish you could tell yourself as a new teacher?

We compiled everything they shared with us into categories so it is easy to digest. Grab your copy to enjoy with a coffee here.

New teacher advice freebie RSC

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Finally, if you are a preservice teacher, we have got you covered too! Grab a FREEBIE especially for your stage here.

Preservice teacher freebie RSC

We are so happy you found us! Think of Rainbow Sky as your teaching cheerleaders, we are dedicated to supporting you to help you have the best first year ever!

Looking for more new teacher goodness? We have put all our blog posts that are dedicated to beginning teachers here!

See you on TikTok and the gram!


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