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Student gift inspo from Kmart

Christmas gifts for student Kmart RSC

Sometimes it feels overwhelming with all the gifts you need to buy at Christmas time, let alone the cost of it all.

It is always nice, but definitely not necessary, to get your students a little something for Christmas or as an end of year gift. Although, it can get mighty expensive when you are buying for a class of 30!

We are all about giving students something thoughtful that doesn’t break the bank.

This post is dedicated to the gems you can find at Kmart this year (this is not sponsored, just simply written to be helpful). If Kmart isn’t your jam, we have written about other student gift ideas that are affordable and thoughtful here.

Kmart and buddy elf title RSC

Lets' go... 5 gift ideas from Kmart!

1.Foam gliders

This has been the best investments of $3.50 I have made for my own kids all year. They are a hit with kids of all ages (and truthfully every adult that comes to visit us wants a go too). It is an idea that is out of the box but super fun.

Disclaimer: Unless you love fetching items from the roof or high up in the canopy of your playground trees, ask students to keep they planes in the box until they get home.

Quick Link: Foam (plane) gliders


As Aussies, a hat never goes astray over the summer. Kmart has some great cap choices for just a couple of dollars. You could give them to your class and let them wear them as a class team out at lunchtime.

Here are our top picks:

Black baseball cap $3

Pink baseball cap $3

Rainbow cap $5

Kmart Rainbow Cap

3. Photo frame Christmas decoration

For $2 each, these photo frame Christmas decorations are a winner. We have 2 suggestions on how you use these:

1. Write something special about each student inside the frame

2. Take a selfie with you and each of your students, print them and put them inside (I did this one year for my kindergarten class and 15 years later when I run into parents at the local shops, they still mention it!)

Personalised Christmas Decorations RSC

Quick Link: Photo frame Christmas decoration

4.Prepackaged Loot Bags

This idea is a TIME SAVER! Kmart has just brought out these pre packed gift bags. They are ideal for kids to take out to a café, on a long car ride or just to enjoy at home. Simply purchase the unicorn or dinosaur theme and you are good to go. They come in packs of 4, so they work out to be $2.25 per child!

Kmart prepacked loot bags

Quick Links: Unicorn Loot Bags and Dinosaur Loot Bags

5.Why I love being your teacher card

Our final suggestion isn’t directly Kmart related but it is very affordable and from the heart. Create our 10 reasons why I love being your teacher for your students (grab your free copy here), add a candy cane and you are done!

You can create an individual one for each child or if you are short on time, make a class one!

Quick Link: Kmart candy canes


We hope you got some inspiration on how you can treat your students this Christmas without breaking the bank!

If you didn’t find anything to tickle your fancy here, check out this blog post where we share more inexpensive and thoughtful gift ideas for students.

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