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The things they don’t teach you at uni when studying teaching

Things you don't learn at university title

Teacher life can’t really be truly understood until you set foot in the classroom and start to give it a go yourself.

It is then that early career teachers discover that their teaching degree really didn’t teach them everything they needed to know about the day-to-day running of the classroom.

From classroom management, to how to organise digital files, to how to get your class from A to B quickly and quietly...

The first few years in the classroom is a BIG learning curve.

Those tricks of the trade that look like second nature to veteran teachers have been slowly curated and learned over time. Think of it as a toolkit that is continually added to year after year.

One of our passions here at Rainbow ow Sky Creations is helping beginning teachers. We want you to feel prepared, confident and ready to take on all the challenges teaching may throw your way. So, we created a TikTok series called:

“Things that weren’t covered in your teaching degree”

Rainbow Sky Creations are on TikTok infographic

We are here to give you a shortcut through the steep learning curve. We have created all sorts of short videos to help classroom newbies, and there are more to come.

Here are some of our most popular ones:

How to manage morning routines

How to move your students around the school quietly

What do I ACTUALLY need as a new teacher?

How to keep students engaged on the carpet

What to do when Staff Meetings are overwhelming.

What do I put in my Assessment folder?

Casual Teaching 101

New teachers - we are here to help you infographic

What other new teachers are saying about the series on TikTok:

“This info is SO helpful for new teachers” Amarie

“Love these ideas” Britt Louise

“So helpful, thank you” Annalise

“Living for these videos!! Still got another couple of years to go in my degree but love learning more” Casey

“Thank you so much for these videos! They’re amazing and so helpful”

So, what are you waiting for? Come and join the fun over on TikTok.

Rainbow Sky Creations TikTok profile

Before you go down the rabbit hole of Teacher TikTok, make sure you grab this FREEBIE we have created especially to help new teachers like you!

New teacher advice freebie RSC

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