ncludes hands-on, differentiated activities to develop skills and a solid understanding when counting, sorting, rounding, adding and subtracting Australian currency (including calculating change). Tasks have been carefully created to meet ACARA standards for these grade levels and are aimed to build proficiency, fluency and confidence in students solving problems using Australian money.


This pack not only provides opportunities for hands-on learning but also develops all five proficiency strands: communicating, problem solving, reasoning, understanding and fluency.


How this Pack Works:
Each activity has a task card stated the learning intention that can be used by the teacher, parent helper or read by students themselves (2 versions of each task card is included: an A4 poster and an A5 version that can be folded in half to create a standing sign). 

Years 3 - 4 Hands-on Australian Money Pack

  • Product Details

    Electronic download

    File Type: PDF & PowerPoint  

    Number of pages: 71

    File size: 58 MB

    * Compressed Zip File

  • Inclusions

    * 10 Hands-on activities (including task cards + photo examples of each activity)

    * Learning Intention for every task

    * Teacher Differentiation guide

    * ACARA links


    Assessment Tools:

    * Pretest

    * Differentiated Assessments (change flowers)

    * Money investigation

    * Editable Teacher Checklist


    **Features new $5 and $10 design**


    Skills covered:

    ★ counting Australian coins and notes according to their value

    ★ ordering and comparing money collections

    ★ identifying equivalent values in collections of currency

    ★representing money values in multiple ways

    ★ determining which Australian notes are needed to buy a particular item

    ★ calculating change from $1, $2, $5, $10, $20 & $50

    ★ rounding to the nearest 5c

    ★ solving problems involving purchases (including change)

    ★ solving money addition & subtraction problems