Everything you need to teach your students about Harmony Day. The pack is designed to encourage students to think about the core values (at an age-appropriate level) of Harmony Day and how they can contribute to a happier and peaceful world. Harmony Day is celebrated in Australia on the 21st March. It is about celebrating cultural diversity, tolerance and inclusiveness of all Australians.


This pack is designed to cater for a range of learning styles within the classroom and includes literacy, numeracy and creative thinking tasks.


No further teacher prep needed, simply print and use!

Year 3 - 4 Harmony Day Pack

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  • Inclusions

    ► Harmony Day coloured poster
    ► Can you find someone who.. Icebreaker Game
    ► “Harmony Day is” BLM 
    ► Harmony Day Poem
    ► Harmony looks like, sounds like, feels like…
    ► Multicultural hearts
    ► Multiculturalism mini research task / interactive notebook
    ► “Definition of Harmony” BLM
    ► Recipe for Harmony Writing Task
    ► #HarmonyDay – Social media post
    ► Essential Elements for Harmony Math code cracker
    ► Harmony Day Cootie Catcher
    ► Harmony Day Exit Ticket
    ► BONUS Harmony Day Behaviour Tags